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Internet through LAN

Fast, non-stop and cheap Internet access appears in ever greater number of houses and companies in Poland. The Internet through LAN does not block phone and does not jeopardize home budget to unforeseen Internet expenses. The fee is constant and does not depend on the time spent online.

Connection to the network for the network is possible in the almost whole Wrocław. Posiadamy już ponad 10 tysięcy gniazdek do sieci Internet.

Technicznie nasza sieć dostępna jest na terenie całego Wrocławia i okolicznych wiosek i miast. Nie zawsze jednak istnieją możliwości administracyjne. Wielu zarządców nieruchomości bądź spółdzielni mieszkaniowych stawia opór i nie pozwala, aby mieszkańcy ich zasobów mogli korzystać z taniego, alternatywnego dostępu do Internetu. Jeżeli w jakimś budynku wielorodzinnym nasza oferta nie jest dostępna to tylko z tego powodu.

The network is built on the basis of the Ethernet 100 Mbit technology (client network terminator) and backbone network built on the basis of fibre optic and radio links (radio broadcast in the licensed band 38 GHz). The data transmission is watched over by 20 routers connected to the network to 10 Gbit.

In order to obtain the information about the cost of connection in the specific localization, please contact with the Client Service Department.

Our offer Price list for the Internet access services

Our lines do not have any limitations on the amount of transmitted data!

Lines offered by our network have the same speed in both directions (to the Internet and from the Internet). 1 Mb/s line can operate with the same speed both by downloading and uploading the data! Other provider's lines often have limitations on data transmission to the Internet. Check out the difference!

Depending on the chosen tariff plan there are available for our subscribers free additional services such as web servers, e-mail accounts and SQL databases.